Hey :) I'm Noor! The purpose of this blog is to show our awesome hijabi pride! So this blog will consist of:
Photos of beautiful hijabi ladies, submissions from YOU guys of your hijab pictures, posts that create some positive energy towards the hijab (so feel free to send asks describing what you love about your scarf), posts describing some inspiring hijabi stories and also some fashion tips!

Lots of love, Noor.




The photos that I reblog (or opinions that I publish) are NOT representative of all muslims.

All photos of ladies wearing a hijab are there for inspiration- you may see an outfit that you like or hijab style that you want to try out from the photos that I have posted. HOWEVER, this does not mean that the person in the photo is wearing a correct hijab.

As you are aware, there are certain guidelines about what should be covered or what should not be worn- Not all hijabi ladies follow these rules!  We are not all perfect. 

It is important for you to understand this because I will not censor my blog- I will still post photos of an outfit that might perhaps be too tight because it is still an outfit inspiration, since YOU can always wear a similar outfit but with a skirt (or whatever)

SO PLEASE, for any muslim and non-muslim people viewing my blog- do not assume that the photos on here are what a correct hijabi lady should wear.

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